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Just B | Personal Training Programmes

Just B Fit

Just B fit is the programme to help you slim down, tone up and improve your lifestyle. No bells and whistles just work outs, in the park, in your home or at your gym (gym policies permitting).


  • Initial consultation
  • 2 - 4 personal training sessions per week
  • 6 weekly review

Just B Fitter | 4 week programme

The Just B four week programme has been designed to get you kick-started on the route to a new you. We will support you in the hardest phase of any new exercise regime- getting started! We will also provide you with the tools to keep going by ensuring that you have the exercise knowledge and targeted workout plans that will enable you to achieve your fitness, toning or weight loss objectives.


  • Initial consultation
  • personal workout programme to takeaway
  • nutritional advice
  • 3-4 personal training sessions per week
  • Follow up consultation

Just B Fabulous| 6 week programme

In only six weeks you can achieve real results. This six week programme will assess and target your particular aims and offer a challenging but approachable series of workouts and nutritional plans to get you there.


  • Initial consultation
  • Nutritional advice
  • 2-4 personal training sessions per week
  • Follow up consultation

Just B You

Whether you are pregnant, pre or post natal or just have a specific area that you wish to focus on, we can put together the right mix of workouts, nutritional advice and planning for you. Just contact us and we can arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation.