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Training with us | The Just B personal training system

How we train

My three element personal training system

Select any of my personal training programmes and your trainer will apply my unique methods to achieve fast results. My effective but approachable personal training system focuses on the key components of a healthy body: cardio-vascular performance, core stability and muscular conditioning.

This proven training system is tailored to each individual client to deliver targeted results, reshaping your body and your lifestyle.

Nutritional Advice

We can build expert nutritional advice into training programmes to create a complete and holistic package in order to deliver more efficient results. From nutritional tips to detailed menu planning and shopping assistance the right advice can help you avoid the pitfalls which sabotage many exercise regimes. With this approach you have all your bases covered, all you need is commitment and the desire to succeed.

Targeted personal training for women

I and my trainers have a detailed knowledge of female exercise physiology which ensures that my systems can be expertly tailored to women's needs. Whether you are expecting or have just had a baby, are looking for effective and targeted weight loss or you want to tone up and tighten those muscles for a fit and fab new you we have the knowledge to help.

Where Just B train

Home personal training

Home personal training can be a great way to make personal fitness training a convenient part of your life. I and my personal trainers have all the equipment we need to offer my personal training programmes in your home wherever you live across South West London.

Outdoor fitness training

Pumping iron in the gym may not be your cup of tea but that doesn't mean you have to forfeit the great benefits of personal training. If you dont have the space to train at home or you would simply prefer to train outside in the fresh air, you can exercise just as effectively in your local park.