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Just B | Nutrition Advice

No matter how diligently you follow my programmes or how hard you push yourself during personal training sessions you will find it much harder and potentially impossible to achieve the results that you are looking for if you don't follow correct nutritional practices. Indeed proper nutrition alone can make a dramatic difference to both your health and energy levels. At Just B we don't believe in making changes to our clients' diet and food intake which are problematic or impractical over the long term, rather we prefer to suggest balanced adjustments which can be carried through, enhancing rather than disrupting their lives.

The Just B nutritional plan

By following our full nutritional programme we can introduce the right foods and liquids into your diet to create vitality, balance your energy levels and promote increased metabolic rate. All of this will compliment your work outs, enhance your weight loss and improve your training results.

Our nutritional plan begins by collecting detailed information about your current diet. We may ask you to keep a record of what you are eating and of your energy levels. With this information we can establish what is needed in your diet and establish your relationship with food. We then utilise this information to draw up diet and meal suggestions to compliment your training and to help you reach your goals in the shortest possible time.


For those who need a little extra guidance I and some of my trainers can offer individual nutritional coaching sessions or even accompanied shopping trips. Please contact us for further details.