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Just B | Personal Fitness Trainer

Born and raised in Surrey I spent much of my childhood outdoors in the fresh air. I started running long distance at 13 and by 16 had begun my career in the fitness industry. Fitness is an intrinsic part of my life but unlike many other fitness professionals I truly understand that for some people it really isn't and is something they have a constant battle with throughout their lives. I firmly believe that learning to successfully incorporate exercise into your life has to begin with an honest understanding of yourself and your relationship with your body.

One of our main goals as personal trainers is to get our clients to enjoy and find sanctuary in a form of exercise. A good friend of mine once said 'it is very hard to hate something you are good at'. We encourage our clients to make big gains during our training programmes as much for this reason as for the immediate physical benefits. Once you enjoy fitness activity it is yours and it will always be there for you; you may even find yourself turning to it at stressful times in your life.

If in six weeks I or one of my trainers can make you look and feel better then we haven't failed but if in six weeks we have made you appreciate the benefits of jogging or fitness training then we have truly succeeded as you will continue after our sessions are over and will benefit from excercise for the rest of your life.

My Professional Qualifications

  • 11 years of experience in health and fitness.
  • As a REPS level 3 qualified personal trainer I have one of the industry's most advanced and respected certifications.
  • I have anatomy and physiology and excercise to music qualifications accredited by OCR.
  • I am a fully qualified nutritional advisor and can advise on all aspects of nutrition.